A New Generation of Pedals

Creative. Innovative. Practical.

A New Generation of Pedals

Killdozer brings you the PedalTechFX line of effects by Robert Jay, a series of innovative stompbox prototypes designed by a long time member of the New York music scene. By combining multiple stompbox effects into one unit, the PedalTechFX line maintains the look, feel, and sound of a traditional stompbox while reducing board clutter and gear expense. These pedals were designed with all levels of guitar and bass player in mind, from newbie musician to seasoned pro.


The prototypes that have been designed feature TWO effects combined into one unit, using well researched and tested components to produce the ultimate tone. By incorporating increased input/output capacitors to allow more low-end through, along with wider range pots for more control, these pedals are suitable for both guitarists AND bassists, enabling each player to achieve their own signature sound.
The "Friend" pedal The one that started it all. For the bass player that wants guitar accompaniment when playing alone.
Distortion & Chorus Contact us for specs.
Distortion & Tremelo Contact us for specs.
Distortion & Phaser Contact us for specs.
Distortion & Noise Gate Contact us for specs.
Chorus & Delay Contact us for specs.
The "Always On" Pedal A tone pedal that can turn any amp into a Marshall stack or vintage tube. Meant to always stay on.


Interested in partnering with us? Looking for more info? You can reach out to us by completing the form below or you can send an email to robertjay@pedaltechfx.com.